One of our main goals at Luxe Spa Formulas is to give back to our
community and to those in need regardless of race, religion, or geographic location.

As a group, we vote on a “Charity of The Quarter” for
each calendar year. If a major event occurs, our plans may change
depending on the need. These are the incredible charities that a portion of your purchases are assisting. Thank you for your business and more importantly, thank you for being a blessing to the following:

The Refuge

Sex Trafficing has become a global epidemic. Children are it's target and most needy victims. The survivors of these horrific circumstances will soon be able to call "The Refuge" home. This facility will house and nourish survivors both physically and spiritually. Your purchase of Luxe Spa Formulas is helping this amazing organization to help those who have fallen into this life escape.

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Uganda Missionary: Hana Love

We are proudly sponsoring Hana Love as a summer missionary in Uganda. Hana will be working with African Renewal Ministries helping to build needed facilities and water wells for these children. Thank your your purchases as they support the on going funding for ministries such as ARM!

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Divine Shelter School
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

TheDivineShelterSchool(DDS) reach poor Haitian children who might otherwise be deprived of an education and suffer severe malnourishment.

Currently, we are supporting a family of 5 with food, clothing, and an education in rural Haiti for an entire year.

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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief
Austin Disaster Relief Network

Our state was deveasted when we were hit by the horrific storm Harvey. A sizeable donation was made on behalf of our company and all of our customers to help the survivors of Harvey rebuild their homes and their lives. We continue to support that community as they struggle with the aftermath.

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Serving, Feeding, Educating, and Medically Caring for the Poorest Children of Guatemala.

We are currently sponsoring a young woman from Dallas, Texas named Natalie. She is an educator living in the area she serves and working at the school sponsored by Ceiba Vida. Your purchases have allowed our company to pay for Natalie's language education in order to help her communicate with her students and the community. In her last email to us, she ended it in Spanish saying thank you to us and to our customers. De nada, Natalie. Vaya con Dios. 

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Texas Kids Read Supporting Early Childhood Literacy

One of our passions is helping children. Through Texas Kids Read, we are able to sponsor an incredible organization that assists in the most needy areas in our communities with books, and educational services in order to help young children read. Illiteracy is not an option for this organization. We thank you for your business which allows us to help them help one child at a time.

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