The Crown Package - Gloves Included with (3) 8oz Bottles

The Crown Package - Gloves Included with (3) 8oz Bottles

$ 239.99

This combination got its name on the beauty pageant circuit. A favorite amongst the America and the Universe competitors. One bottle for your bathroom, one for your backstage bag, and the other for back up or photo sessions.

Items included: (3) 8oz. bottles and a pair of exfoliation gloves. (Crown not included. You have to win your own!) 

Beauty tip: Apply 60 minutes prior to competition and walk with renewed confidence!

Comes with free shipping.

Want a free travel bottle? Send us your swimsuit competition photo using No. 33, and we will send you a free travel bottle!

Will you be our next Swimsuit Competition Winner? Were you able to pick out which Miss USA contestants are continuously using our product? We know, but won't ever tell!

Rave Reviews

"I just won my first pageant. I felt like a million dollars in my swimsuit. Thank you! I feel like this product gave me that extra edge to beat my competitors!"
-C.T., Age-22, Nevada

"I am a long time pageant competitor and a former Mrs. America contestant. My skin has never looked so smooth and firm until now. I am 51 years old and my skin looks so much better since using Luxe No. 33! I simply love it. My friends in the pageant world use it but they don't share the secret! I DO!!! Even for young competitors, this is the product to have in your bag for swimsuit competitions. Thanks Luxe!"
-Katherine, Palm Beach, Florida, Age- 51, Facebook Friend

*Some contestants request the bottles to come 'unlabeled'. Unfortunately, we are unable to do that.