15 Jun

Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 Cellulite Cream & Skin Firming Treatment- Does it Really Work?

“Best Cellulite Cream I have ever used!”

“All the best ingredients in one cream!”

"My neck is tight & the skin on my legs is so firm- with the SAME treatment!"

Can you trust these reviews? 

Reading through reviews for a product you’re unfamiliar with is no easy task. With only a promise of five glowing stars and nice words from strangers you’ll never meet, it’s hard to know who you can trust.

We get it.

The truth is, it’s a struggle for us too.

Telling you that our cellulite cream is the best product on the market to firm and tighten your skin doesn’t give you any indicator if it is right for you. After all, what is Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 exactly? A skin firming product? A skin tightening product or a cellulite cream? Yes, to all 3! You can use it from head to toe with the exception of your eyes. Some customers use it for cellulite, and others use it from their face to their thighs. 

Another thing we know for sure, is that we carefully craft our product with a common philosophy in mind: to create a pure, luxurious, and efficacious formula that produces Real Results, for Real Women, with Real Reviews. (And, for Real Men too!)

How is Luxe Spa Formulas Cellulite Cream Different? Does it really Firm and Tighten Skin?

One way we’ve stepped out from under the shadow of other common products is by focusing on the quality of the ingredients we use.

It’s not just about making you look good. We want to make you feel good too. Our cellulite cream is handmade with natural, organic and cruelty free ingredients.

These ingredients include:

  • Naturally sourced caffeine
  • 3 Types of Seaweed
  • Amino Acids & Organic Peptides
  • L-Carnitine
  • Pure Aloe Vera
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Pure & Organic Essential Oils
  • CoQ-10
  • Tree Nut Oils
  • Paraben & Phthalates FREE
  • Fragrance Free- you will only smell a hint of the natural scents of the essential oils

Ingredients matter. And, we encourage our customers to compare our formula's ingredients to others. Combined with our unique blending methodology and our patent pending Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 Skin Firming & Tightening Technology, this product has been designed to feel like a cream and absorb like an oil. Leaving your skin firm, tight, and re-newed from head to toe. 

Remember, if you have any allergies to the ingredients in our products, then they are NOT for you. If you have questions, contact your physician before starting this or any other treatment.

The Expert Guide to Using Luxe Spa Formulas Cellulite Cream to Firm & Tighten Skin

Sometimes the results from a new product are not what you expected. The truth is that it is not always due to the product itself, but rather, the way in which it has been used.

For the best results, we advise using our skin firming & anti cellulite cream correctly and consistently.

So, what do we mean by using it correctly? First off, we recommend starting with an 8-week regimen where the cream is applied twice per day, once in the morning and once at night.

Apply in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Exfoliate your skin.
  2. Dry your skin completely.
  3. Apply the cream in a quick, upward motion onto the desired treatment area. Use your discretion when choosing how much to use at one time – it will really depend on your body, how dry your skin is, and the size of the area you are treating. So, start with just a small amount.
  4. Let the product fully absorb into the skin.

After the 8-week regimen or once you achieve your desired results, use your skin firming cream as desired.

That’s it! There is no magic to it. With proper applications, Luxe Spa Formula No. 33 may be the best skin firming and skin tightening treatment you have ever used. 

Achieving Real Life Results with Luxe Spa Formulas Cellulite Cream

Now that you know how to use our product and what it is made from, the praise we receive won’t seem so unbelievable.

Just like when trying any new product, especially one that is an investment, customers were skeptical. However, each of the reviews have a couple common threads. One, surprisingly, is about how our cellulite cream smells amazing and the second, is how the results are real.

One Amazon customer addressed everyone’s concerns upfront. “My initial mistake was that I was expecting immediate results.” However, by sticking with the product that “is the only product that has reduced my turkey neck after a large amount of weight loss,” she is a believer.

Just like with our ingredients, it is best to evaluate our products based on quality versus just the cost compared to competitors.

That is what Jenna, another Luxe Spa Formulas No. 33 consumer found when comparing our product to others.

She shared, “I read all the reviews on Amazon of other similar and cheaper products. They had thousands of reviews. Then I found out they were paying the reviewers with huge discounts towards future purchases or just free products period. 

When I saw this product's reviews I felt much more comfortable about trying it. I’ve never looked better and I have a lot more confidence.”

So, does our cellulite cream really work?

If you’re still asking that question, you must not have tried it yet.

Achieve your desired results by Ordering Luxe Spa Formulas No. 33 Cellulite Cream! "You will regret tomorrow, what you don't start today!"